Perfidy and Perfection: Book Launch Party

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Fundraising update!

I've donated 5.00 GB pounds (about 10 US dollars) to SOS Children's Villages via Just Giving on behalf of everyone who popped into the party so far (see The party starts here post).

However, I think a lot more people have visited the party but not posted - show yourself as I'm donating 25p per party visitor who comments here. Another way to help fundraise is to buy Fateful Deception as an ebook as I'm donating all my royalties earned from sales in April to SOS Children's Villages.

Friday, April 21, 2006

The party starts here

Or should I say, welcome to the bar!

I've has lots of emails saying, "I'm coming but I've never been to an online party before." Well, neither had I until I held an online party to celebrate the launch of my co-authored novel The Lady Soldier last year (read it here if you're interested).

I'd like this party to be bigger and better and it would be great to chat about all kinds of things with people from around the world. So decide the following and introduce yourself here:
  • What are you wearing?
  • What are you drinking?
  • Where are you from?

And as this is an online party and I'm not buying the food and drink, for each person who comes along to the three day party and introduces themselves here I'm going to donate 25p (approx 50 US cents) to my chosen charity: SOS Children's Villages. I'll pledge this daily over the three days so you can see the tally here at Just Giving. Additionally I'm donating all my royalties from sales in April of my first ebook Fateful Deception.

So please introduce yourself here... and then get stuck into the chatter and fun of the party.

Win, win, win!

Don't forget to enter the book launch competition here to win your choice of my books.

Good luck!

Special guest: Michelle Styles

I met Michelle Styles online in 2003 when both of us were writing novels but neither of us were published. Since then we co-wrote a novel - The Lady Soldier - which was published last year and have each been published with our own books. I'm really pleased to be able to welcome Michelle to the book launch party for Perfidy and Perfection.

Michelle Styles was born and raised near San Francisco, California, USA, and has lived in Britain since 1988 when she married .

Michelle is author of The Gladiator’s Honour published by Mills and Boon in hardback (March 2006), paperback (May 2006) and Audio CD (May 2006). North American publication date is September 2006.

Discussion post: How to write a novel

On Tuesday I gave a writing workshop at Egham Library, Surrey, as part of Runnymede Literature Festival. We covered two basics - characterisation and plotting. And it got me thinking back to how I wrote Perfidy and Perfection.

~ When? ~
It was mostly written in the spring/summer of 2004, with later revisions and edits.

~ How? ~
Perfidy and Perfection was actually the first book I've written where I planned a plot. I didn't stick to the plot I planned, but at least I tried! I wrote down a list of chapter numbers in my notebook and then sketched out briefly, in no more than a couple of lines, what could happen in each chapter. I'd had ideas churning around in my head for some weeks before I did this process, which only took say ten minutes. Even though I didn't stick to it, my plot outline probably helped.

I tend to work on a scene by scene basis, and P&P was no exception. I wanted to keep the pace fast-moving and snappy withg lively dialogue, and so I concentrated on these aspects as I was writing the first draft. I came back later to add in descriptive and action details to make sure it read as a fully rounded story.

~ Inspiration ~
Wide and varied. Too much to mention here. However, I'd been selling some old gardening books a friend had rescued from a skip on eBay. Specifically books about Irises. So that's where the Irises in the story come from!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Discussion post: What's in a title?

Funnily enough I got talking about this in the pub last night - what makes a good book title?

So far the feedback about Perfidy and Perfection as a title has been positive. Lots of people have asked me what perfidy means, which is great! Well, why not revive a bit of interest in a word that I like but isn't used that frequently today?

Originally, when I started the manuscript I gave it the working title of The Rake's Wager. It has a Regency rake in it, and a wager, so it was a reasonable working title, but was not going to be the final title, I knew that.

Later, after the manuscript was completed I'd come up with the title The Rake Who Tricked Me. I liked it enough to change my working title, but still it wasn't quite right.

It wasn't until very late in the day that it hit me that the book should be titled along the same lines as the books within the book written by Sophy Grantchester, the heroine who is a novelist at the time of Jane Austen. The book titles I gave her books are reminiscant of Jane Austen novels. I ended up on Perfidy and Perfection because of the perfidious actions of the hero and... well you'll see fully why if you read the book. :)

What book titles have grabbed you recently? And why?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Coming soon at the party...

A giveaway, a special guest, updates about the fundraising for SOS Children's Villages, news about my next book, the story of how Perfidy and Perfection came to be written, more discussion posts...

So pop back again later today or tomorrow if you can.

If you've got an idea for the party, or a discussion post email me.

Author's Corner

In the corner, beside this lovely plant, is a space for authors to introduce themselves, their books and chat.

Discussion Post: Books, Films, TV...

  • What have you read or watched recently that's been any good?

Discussion Post: Perfidy and Perfection

Have you read Perfidy and Perfection by Kate Allan? What did you think?

At the time of Jane Austen, in the middle of England, in Middleton village, the rector's daughter keeps a shameful secret – she's a novelist.
Sophy Grantchester needs inspiration for her next book. It arrives in the form of her rakish cousin, Lord Hart. She writes him into her story – and unwittingly, her heart. He's surprised to fall for his poor and proper cousin but she can't be a wife – no man would tolerate her novel writing, especially not one who scorns the idea that a woman could write a book worth reading! But he's determined to win her – and resorts to devious means. She could have told him that trickery is no recipe for success in love…

Original hardcover: Published by Robert Hale, April 2006. ISBN 0709080166

More details and excerpt here:

Discussion post: Fateful Deception

Have you read Fateful Deception by Kate Allan? What did you think?

Middlesex, England, at the beginning of 1810... Captain Robert Monceaux is lately back in Hounslow barracks after the retreat from Corunna. He's pleased to be of some assistance in rescuing a young lady from highway robbers on Hounslow Heath. But Lucinda Handscombe is determined to take control of her own destiny and is in no mood to bow to his high-handed behaviour.

Large print: To be published by Ulverscroft. Date tbc. Ebook: Published by Belgrave House. April 2006.
Previously issued as a paperback serial: DC Thomson as part of My Weekly Library. January 2006.

Discussion post: The Lady Soldier

Have you read The Lady Solider by Jennifer Lindsay? What did you think?

1812. Spain. Jem Riseley, brave, skilled and daring, the perfect soldier in Wellington’s Army except she is a gently-born lady. A battlefield promotion provides an escape from a sadistic Major, but first Jem must convince jaded Captain Tony Dorrell, who knew her as a lady, that she's the man she seems. From the dangers of war-torn Spain to scandal in London’s elegant drawing rooms, Jem will fight to preserve her secret. However, the reappearance of an old adversary forces Jem to confront her past to save her and England’s future.

Original hardcover: Robert Hale, 2005. ISBN: 0709078250
Large print: To be published by Ulverscroft, May 2006. ISBN: 1846172896

More details at